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Locked Account | Reset Password

If you're account is locked, please contact us here or call us at 866-795-7558 and we can help you.

The system will lock you out after three failed attempts at login. Once you're locked out you'll need to contact us, so we can unlock your account. 

If you're NOT LOCKED OUT and you FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD, you can follow these simple steps to reset it:

  1.  Select "Forgot password?" on the login screen

2.  Enter your email address and select "Email link" - then you'll receive confirmation

3. Go to your email (check SPAM folder) – look for an email from Connect Invest with the subject line: "Password Reset" - open email - select link to 'Reset My Password'

4. Enter in NEW password and select 'Change password' - then you should see the "Password Reset" message, letting you know that your password ahs been successfully changed 

5. Select login (upper right corner of page)

6. Login again using your NEW password

*If you login successfully with NEW password but receive message that "An account is not approved, please request verification again", please go to Account Not Approved | Verify My Email Address and follow the steps to verify your email address.

*If you can login to your account and want to update or change your current password, please follow steps to Update/Change Password

*If you attempt to login with NEW password and have more than three failed attempts, you'll get locked out. Please go to Locked Out of Account | Password Reset and follow steps to unlock your account.

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